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Angelblues Aviation & Tourism Academy, Kochi

Angelblues Academy entered the educational industry in July 2007 with the goal of providing high-quality education to eager students and paving the route for a successful career. Kochi is home to Angelblues Aviation and Tourism Academy Private Limited. As an outstanding institute, we offer a variety of courses in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism and we are delighted to ensure you the top aviation courses in Kerala, Ernakulam. Our academy provides students with an excellent opportunity to achieve their objectives. Angelblues Aviation and Tourism Academy Private Limited is a member of the National Development Agency, which is funded by the Government of India. Angelblues Aviation and Tourism Academy Private Limited, one of the best BBA airport management institutes in Kochi, also provides quality courses like Diploma in Cabin Crew Management, a Diploma in Airport Management, BBA aviation courses in Kerala, Diploma in Tourism Management, a Diploma in Airline Management with Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Management, BBA airport management courses in Kerala as well as a Diploma and a BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. We operate under the able supervision of experts from the aviation and hospitality industries. We have achieved a crucial position by becoming one of the major institutes of Aviation and tourism in Cochin. Angelblues offers academic best BBA airport management courses in Kochi. There are numerous BBA aviation colleges in Kerala but Angelblues was never at back in academic performance among BBA aviation colleges in Kochi. Aviation Management is concerned with the study of airlines, airports, and aerospace-related businesses. The BBA airport management institutes in Kochi equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to manage airline and airport departments.
Aviation Management reaches higher and higher day by day due to its immense potential. Our institution as being one of the best aviation institutes in Kerala, and our candidates are all well acquainted with the necessary mannerisms and professional etiquette. Another course that we are providing is Air hostess training. Angelblues is one of the notable air hostess training institute in Kerala. The expert faculties of our institute offer quality education and professional training along with our course. The BBA airport management institutes in Kerala offer six semesters of courses in airport planning, aerodrome operations, airport security, fire safety, passenger forecasting, and other relevant disciplines. Angelblues academy effectively has equipped our students with high efficiency in courses especially by becoming the best BBA aviation training institute in Kerala. The academy's goal is to train, transform, and nurture students to become highly capable professionals under this BBA aviation institutes in Kerala. Under the auspices of the NDA, the institute offers a variety of courses in aviation, hospitality, and travel. The knowledgeable faculty is eager to assist students in establishing a successful career in their chosen field of study. Angelblues is committed to contributing highly skilled and efficient individuals to the world of Aviation, Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, and Logistics. Angelblues, with its experience and expertise in training, give wings to the hopes of students. Our training makes our students take up new responsibilities and face any complicated challenges with a smile on their faces. Our academy not only makes students distinctive professionals in their respective careers but also makes them better individuals.Read more...

best aviation institutes in kochi

Best Platform to Establish an Airline Career

Angelblues Aviation and Tourism Academy Private Limited is a leading and professional aviation academy in Kochi, Kerala that helps aspiring candidates to become successful professionals in an airline career. We present various courses and training programs in aviation, travel and tourism, hospitality and logistic field, and airport management courses to give birth to proven and successful airline professionals.

travel and tourism management institutes in kochi
Aviation Courses in International Standards

One of the fully-fledged and certified aviation institutes in Kochi, Kerala, Angelblues Aviation and Tourism Academy Private Limited gives wings to the hopes of students who wish to become airline professionals. Our main objective is to foster and shape future professionals for the air transport industry. We are a boon for students to accomplish their dreams of becoming a professional in the air transport industry.

What our students are saying

Why Angelblues?

Angelblues is one of the pioneers in airline training in Kerala. We started in June 2007. Over the past 16 years, we have placed hundreds of cabin crew and thousands of other Airline, Hospitality and Tourism professionals all over the world. All the trainers at Angelblues are with more than 10 years of international exposure. So, our years of experience, credibility and placement track record makes Angelblues a cut above the rest.

What is the maximum age limit to join in this college?

The maximum age to join our course is 25 years

Will marriage be a problem to join this course?

At Angelblues we have a wide spectrum of professional courses to choose from including Graduation and Diploma Programs in Airline and Airport Management, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Cabin Crew Management, and many more. A professionally trained candidate with effective communication & interpersonal skills, impeccable grooming & industry knowledge gets placed swiftly regardless of their marital status. For cabin crew recruitment however, some airlines based in India do not hire married women if they are freshers with no flying experience. However, foreign airlines have no such rule. a married woman can be an air hostess if the specific airline allows.

Will your skin tone matter in the Airline field?

This is a common misconception. Having healthy skin is important, however the skin tone is certainly not a matter of concern. At Angelblues, we have placed many dusky & dark-skinned students as cabin crew internationally and they are successfully flying.

Do airline companies allow cabin crew to wear hijab?

Pursuing cabin crew profession by wearing hijab is often difficult, as crew are often associated with safety which is a primary concern for all leading companies including Middle East airlines. So even today, only a very few airlines are giving hijab as an alternative option. At Angelblues we strictly follow the internationally accepted industry standards and hence do not permit hijab with uniform inside classrooms.

What is the future of Aviation Industry?

Aviation provides a rapid global transportation network, generating economic growth, creating job opportunities, facilitating international trade and tourism and has indeed become the promoter of global business. India’s commercial aviation market is set to become one of the world’s top three over the next two decades. Akasa Air, Air India, and IndiGo, three Indian carriers, have collectively ordered more than 1000 aircrafts in less than a year which gives the Indian civil aviation industry tremendous potential for rapid growth and expansion in the coming years.

Till what age can an Aviation staff work?

There is no internationally mandated retirement age for flight attendants or ground staff, which allows many experienced airline employees to work even in their later years. So, if you are passionate about your job and are physically fit to perform your duties, age is just a number.

How is the placement done from Angelblues?

Angelblues has been in the airline, hospitality and tourism training industry for over 16 years and has a reputation and track record of placing thousands of candidates all over the world. We are committed to make sure that our students achieve success and our mission is to ensure job placement assistance for all students who enrol in our specialized courses.

What can we expect from Angelblues in terms of training?

We focus on industry-oriented learning environment and our team of instructors with their substantial hands-on experience leave no stone unturned to ensure top notch training standards. Quality training, activity-based sessions and personalised attention ensure the development of all necessary skills which are inevitable to succeed in this industry.

Does Angelblues provide hostel services?

We have an in campus hostel facility for girls and for boys we have a hostel facility close enough to reach the campus by walking.

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